Protocol-owned liquidity

A portion of tokens used for token functions (Session Pro, SNS) will become protocol-owned liquidity to ensure market liquidity and scalability. Initially, 10% of net funds from Session Pro and SNS will flow to a Uniswap pool β€” 5% on each side of a Session Tokenβ€”USDC pair.

Totalβ€…Liquidityβ€…Added=NetTokensβˆ—0.1Sessionβ€…Tokenβ€…Liquidityβ€…Added=NetTokensβˆ—0.05USDCβ€…Liquidityβ€…Added=NetTokensβˆ—0.05Total\:Liquidity\:Added=NetTokens * 0.1 \\ Session\:Token\:Liquidity\:Added=NetTokens*0.05 \\ USDC\:Liquidity\:Added=NetTokens*0.05

This liquidity will be time-locked, and used Session Tokens will continue to be added to this liquidity for a minimum period of 5 years.

The functionality is intended to provide strong availability of Session Token for users who wish to acquire it for its utility functions, such as subscribing to Session Pro.

This will be reviewed after a 5 year period to ensure its efficacy. In case of emergency (i.e. Uniswap security issue), these funds would be able to be removed and reallocated to other liquidity provisions under a same or similar time-based expectation.

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