The maximum supply of Session Token is 240,000,000. At token genesis, the circulating supply will be a maximum of 80,000,000 Session Tokens.

Session Token is a utility token intended to be used within the Session application and for Session Network purposes. This page provides a conceptual summary of our tokenomic principles.

Head to Genesis Tokenomics to learn more about the supply, lockups, and overall tokenomics at TGE.

Token Flow

When Session Token is utilised in-app (Session Pro, SNS) or for network security (staking), Session Tokens flow out of circulation.

When Session Token is utilised for incentivisation (network rewards), Session Tokens flow into circulation.

Our tokenomic system is designed to create flow conditions so that:

  • Session Token is effective for use in-app by millions of users

  • Session Token is viable to stake for node operators and contributors

  • Session Token is an effective incentive for good, honest node behaviour

Staking Reward Pool

When Session Tokens are spent on Session Pro subscriptions, registering Session names, or other services, 90% of the tokens (minus fees) are locked in the Staking Reward Pool.

This pool is protocol owned (held in a smart contract), and the tokens are awarded to Session Token stakers over time. The Staking Reward Pool is used to secure and reward the nodes which secure the network and provide infrastructure for Session.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity

The remaining 10% will become protocol-owned liquidity to ensure market liquidity and scalability.

Initially, this 10% will flow to a Uniswap pool. This will continue for a minimum period of 5 years from TGE.

This scheme will be reviewed after a 5 year period to ensure its efficacy, in case of emergency (i.e. Uniswap security breach), these funds would be able to be removed or reallocated to other liquidity provisions.

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