Getting started with Session Token

Everything you need to start your Session journey

Session Token is an EVM-compatible token which can be used to unlock power features in the Session application (Session Pro, Session Namespace System) and as a security and incentivisation layer for Session Nodes.

What can I do with Session Token?

Session Tokens can be used to purchase services such as Session Pro or to register exclusive nicknames using the Session Namespace System.

You can also stake your Session Tokens to run a Session Node and earn rewards.

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What's the supply?

There is a maximum supply of 240,000,000 Session Tokens although the circulating supply is significantly lower (80,000,000 at TGE).

TGE stands for token generation event. This refers to the time a token is actually created. Session Token is currently pre-TGE, so the actual token has not been generated.

Session Tokens spent on in-app services are locked in the Reward Pool, lowering the circulating supply.

Where can I buy Session Token?

Session Token hasn't been generated, so it is not available for direct purchase.

Currently, the only way to guarantee access to Session Token is through the Session Token Swap Program. The cryptocurrency OXEN is required to participate in the swap program. Additionally, a larger amount of Session Token can be earnt if the OXEN is staked during the program.

Read more about the program here.

How do I stay up to date with Session Token?

We share regular updates about the progress of Session Token and other parts of the project through our official account on X / Twitter and our Discord community.

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