Session Name Service

The Session Name Service (SNS) allows Session users to register human-readable names with their Account ID on Session.

These names which can be mapped to an Account ID and used for simple contact discovery in Session.

Name resolution

Each SNS record can contain a name, an Account ID (Session public key), and a wallet address.

For example, a record may be made with:

Name: SessionFan
Session Account ID: 053b6b764388cd6c4d38ae0b3e7492a8ecf0076e270c013bb5693d973045f45254 
Wallet address: 0x31c319A6621d7e08557391A117B7d0a26C63Fc84

By querying the relevant SNS record, users can discover the associated Account ID or wallet address and use this information for in-app actions such as sending a message request.

Session uses this registry to route messages addressed to registered names, allowing users to make themselves contactable via their real name, online pseudonym, or any other name they choose.

Once the record has been purchased, the Account ID it is mapped to may be changed at any time.

Name rules

There are certain restrictions on which characters are valid for names used in SNS records. Note that names are not case sensitive.

All names must:

  • Start with an alphanumeric character or underscore

  • Consist of alphanumeric, hyphens, or underscores

  • End with an alphanumeric character of underscore

You may register names with special characters or emojis by using the equivalent Punycode representation.

The name must contain 1-64 characters.

Record expiry

By default, SNS records do not have an expiry. However, ownership of a record may be transferred to a different wallet or user if desired.

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