🌐Session Nodes

The heartbeat of our network

Session Network's functionality and scalability is enabled by a set of incentivised nodes called Session Nodes. Session Nodes are responsible for storing Session messages, routing Session messages, securing and governing the network, and maintaining the workchain.

A full Session Node requires a stake of 15,000 Session Tokens and a minimum level of computational resources (bandwidth, storage, and processing time) to the network. These resources are used to enable the function and network security of Session. In return for their services, Session Nodes receive rewards from the Staking Reward Pool.

If an individual does not have the 15,000 Session Tokens required for a full stake, multiple wallets (or people) can combine stakes to create a full stake.

Currently, Session uses the Oxen Service Node Network for this infrastructure, with approximately 2,000 active nodes. It is anticipated the majority of these nodes will transition to the Session Network.

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