Oxen Coin Claims

The Oxen Coin Claims Program allows users to swap their unstaked Oxen coins for Session Token. If your Oxen is staked, visit Service Node Bonus.

In total, 30,000,000 Session Tokens are available through the Oxen Coin Claims Program.

The amount of Session Tokens a user receives in their claim will be directly proportional to the amount circulating supply of Oxen.

Oxen’s circulating supply will be snapshotted at Session Token’s TGE. This snapshotted supply will be used to calculate all claims, so claims will not change over time based on new Oxen emissions. The current supply of Oxen is available on the block explorer.

The 30,000,000 Session Tokens available in this program represents 37.5% of the Genesis supply. You can read more about the genesis tokenomics here.

For more information, visit the Oxen Coin Claims page.

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